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There is an intrinsic link between the challenge we face to ensure water security and other issues, most notably climate change and the need to sustainably manage the city’s rapidly growing demand for energy. We need to feed more people with less water , in a context of Climate Change and growing energy demand, while maintaining healthy ecosystems. “The Energy problem is actually a water problem and the Water problem is actually an Energy problem”. As Population increase, demands on finite water resources and energy services threaten to push the limits of what our environment can sustain. Another compelling reason to pay heed to the water-energy nexus is climate change, which may result in significant alterations to precipitation patterns, with all that implies for altered water availability and the power derived from water. At Hinren Engineering, we are set out to address the pressing issues of sustainable (and equitable) supply of Clean water and Clean energy. Our Philosophy and our technologies are very simple. We believe is “Catching energy and water where it falls”. This eliminates major losses in conveyance and distribution of these precious resources. Look no beyond your roof is the guiding philosophy of Hinren. We strongly believe that our rooftop receives enough water by rainfall and enough light and heat from the Sun to meet our energy and water needs. The problem however is a sound and well-engineered method/solution to harness this energy and water in a safe and sustainable manner. At Hinren we are set out to do exactly solve this problem. Our solutions are engineered towards helping individuals, businesses and communities harness the full potential of the abundant water and energy that is available on their rooftop and in immediate neighbourhood in a safe and sustainable manner.

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