Groundwater Recharge

Ground water recharge is the simplest way to augment the quality and quantity of ground water. It is a simple way to channelize the rainwater into the aquifer. It is an absolute necessity in the context of rapid urbanization. Recharging also helps in reducing floods and improving the quality of ground water. A recharge well is essentially a hole in the ground. Rainwater run-off from roofs, paved and un paved surfaces is de-silted and channelized into the ground. Trivia : In Bangalore alone, 3,000 million litres of water falls daily as rain during the monsoon. This works out to approximately 3.5 million liters of water per acre per year. If we recharge about 30% of the water that falls over the city, we can have more water than what the river cauvery is supplying to the city!!.

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