Solar Heating

Process heat is vital to nearly all manufacturing industrial processes in order to produce basic materials and commodities. Statistics say that the global demand for process heat below 120C is 7% of the global energy demand. Traditionally industries use electricity, high speed diesel or furnace oil to reach process heat temperatures ranging from 70-120C.Besides being expensive, it also leads to emission of pollutants and greenhouse gases.

•We have developed a method to generate load temperature process heat demands through decentralized energy generation based on Solar Thermal Systems. The technology uses solar collectors which are Evacuated Tube Collectors. Normally ETC only create temperatures up to 70C. However, through technology innovation and fluid pressure, system and module design, we have been able to generate temperatures of more than 100C.

•Unlike other solar systems which require concrete roof or ground space, these solar collectors can otherwise be installed on trussed factory rooftops. This allows the industries with space and a financial limitation to switch to a green solution.

•More over these heaters can also be retrofitted with the existing heaters or boilers. In this case, they work in a hybrid mode, delivering thermal energy whenever solar radiation is available reducing fossil fuel consumption

•Thermal energy requirements vary across different industries, processes, regions and climatic conditions, so the potential for our Decentralized energy generation system is huge as it is an economically safer and greener alternative to fossil fuels.

•The estimated reduction in greenhouse emissions through wide spread use of this technology in the industrial sector is close to 26 million tons by 2023.


  • For cooking
  • For Handwash/Platewash.
  • For Boiler Feed water.
  • For process heating (indirect heating).