Infiltration Wells

As we know Rainwater is the purest form of water, so when this water is let deep into the ground , that is below 30 Meters, it passes through sandy loamy soil / dry joint,/cracks & fissures etc and gets filtered further and thereafter passes through the earth crust & reaches the ground water Source and helps in building the groundwater table and also Because of the dilution effect, the quality of ground water improves considerably from the first Monsoon itself.

The average rainfall considered is 800 mm/year. A precipitation of just 12.5 mm can yield 50,000 liters of water per acre. Even if 40% of water is lost due to evaporation / Runoff and soil absorption; a minimum of 30,000 liters of assured quantity of water can be recharged into the Groundwater Source. Considering an average rainfall spread of 70 days in a year, the approximate total quantum of water percolating into groundwater source is 2.1 Million liters per Injection well.