Hybrid Solutions

Hybrid Solutions are a combination of Off grid and Grid tied Systems. Hybrid systems are more efficient than grid tied systems and can work in “No Grid” conditions as well.

As the name suggests, A hybrid system has multiple sources of power. The system is versatile and the power sources can be prioritized and optimized. On the simplest configuration, the system works like a grid tied system. That is during the sunshine hours, the loads are powered by Solar power directly. The excess power generated charges the battery, further excess if any will be exported to the grid.
If there is a grid failure during the sunshine hours, the system gets into the off-grid mode. Loads will get its power from the solar panels directly. If there is any shortage on power, the balance power will be drawn from the battery.

During the Non-sunshine hours, the loads can be powered by either grid or by battery or by the combination of both. In case of grid failure during the Non-sunshine hours, the loads will be powered by batteries alone.

For more Information, watch the below video