Solar Water pumps

The use of Solar PV module for water pumping is one of the most attractive applications due to several advantages. In general, a water pumping system consists of PV modules, motor, pump and storage tank.

The Storage tank can be thought of as an energy storage media like batteries. Therefore, the use of batteries is not required for water pumping applications. Also, a DC motor can directly be coupled with Solar PV panel, avoiding the use of any inverter. An AC motor can also be used wither inverter, which converts DC to AC. Additionally a PV water pumping system can also have a maximum power point tracking (MPPT) device to match the PV module output impedance with that of motor to extract maximum power throughout the day.

Solar Pumping system can be easily integrated into the existing pumping system arrangement by using pump drives (VFD) in the arrangement.

Like off grid systems, a PV pumping system can be designed for sizes ranging from very small water pumping requirement for drinking water to large water volume requirement for irrigation purpose.