Agro-Photovoltaics or Agro-PV or Agri-voltaics is a new branch of solar power engineering for effective and efficient use of roof space or ground space . Here , the mounting structure is carefully engineered so that there is enough sunlight below the solar panels for plants to grow . Generally the structure is elevated and generous walkway is provided so that there is enough sunlight below the solar panels . As the demand for clean and nutritious food increases in the years to come , this concept of Rooftop farming along with photovoltaics is going to become very popular . A country like india needs these innovative technologies to meet the power demand and food demand of 1.5 billion people . "Clean energy and clean nutrition right from the roof is the need of the hour to build a clean and healthy nation. The advantages of Agro-PV are 1. Effective use of Roof/ground space . 2. The structure doubles as shade net as well as wind barrier for protection of plants . 3. Since the plants are on elevated platform, there is no need of any additional waterproofing since the the pots/containers are not in contact with the roof. (Unlike traditional rooftop gardens where additional water proofing may be required) 4. There will be additional cooling of the roof . This reduces the load on air conditioners . 5. Since there is vegetation below the solar panels , the panels will become little cooler which will increase the efficiency and performance of the solar panels . 6. The solar mounting structure will act as a feature on the roof as a sit out or a tea area. 7. Increased bio-diversity on the roof.