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Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting


Water is the most essential thing in this world and Rain is the only source of water in the world. Catching the rain where it falls and using it right there is perhaps the most efficient process of using this remarkable gift of God, Water. Roof-top Rainwater harvesting is found to be a very efficient way to “Catch the water where it falls”. Roof-top rainwater harvesting can go a very long way in mitigating water crisis faced in urban communities and Industries. Though Rainwater harvesting is recognized as one of the best solutions for the present water crisis, there are a number of impediments in its effective implementation and most importantly maintenance. Though Rainwater is the purest form of water, due to culture and/or due to lack of awareness, there is still plenty of scepticism of using rainwater falling on One’s roof. The new process of designing and implementing Roof-top rainwater harvesting presented below will make; 1. Rooftop Rainwater potable and ready for use. 2. Remove all skepticism around the process of catching and using rainwater. 3. Reduce the maintenance involved in rooftop rainwater harvesting. 4. Making the cleaning process of filtration units as automatic as possible. 5. Ensure enough checks and balances so that chances of contamination are minimum.

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