Generally there is no rainfall in the month of February in Bangalore . However, Bangaloreans were in for a pleasant surprise yesterday as the city received more than 50mm of rainfall in most areas. This is one of our Rainwater Harvesting projects

Many times we are asked why a walkway is so very important in Rooftop Solar installations and why we put so much impetus in walkway design. As seen in this picture, a good walkway gives access to every panel and makes the cleaning process much easier

Today we completed Rainwater Harvesting at a government school in Jigani. This project harvests about 100, 000 liters of water every year. School projects are always special for us . It gives us immense satisfaction of being some value to our next g

Over the last three weeks , we installed and commissioned three Rooftop solar systems , each of a different topology at three different building rooftops at Ramakrishna Yogashrama near Bangalore . The system consists of 1. A Hybrid system with net

We have made it a standard practice to provide a walkway for every Rooftop solar plant we design and install irrespective of the size of the plant (The one in the picture is a 2.76 KW system) . Walkways help not only in keeping the panels clean but

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