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Today we commissioned two Rooftop Projects; 1: Rooftop Solar Project of Capacity 7.77 KWp which generates about 12, 200 units of Solar energy per year and which indirectly saves about 48 Kilo Liters of Water per year . 2: Rooftop Rainwater harvesti

Today we completed Rainwater Harvesting at a government school in Jigani. This project harvests about 100, 000 liters of water every year. School projects are always special for us . It gives us immense satisfaction of being some value to our next g

Generally there is no rainfall in the month of February in Bangalore . However, Bangaloreans were in for a pleasant surprise yesterday as the city received more than 50mm of rainfall in most areas. This is one of our Rainwater Harvesting projects

One of our recently commissioned Rooftop Solar project in Bangalore .

This is a video about a Rainwater harvesting system that we designed and installed at an apartment complex near Koramangala. The Video was made very crudely almost 8 years ago.The project was completed in August 2011. The video is still getting viewe

Recharge well is one of the best and economical ways to harvest rainwater. If the Recharge wells are dug up to the depth of the shallow aquifer and recharged consistently, there are very good chances that water will start yielding in the well. If t

This is one of our Rainwater Harvesting projects near Varthur lake in Bangalore . This is a farmland with run-off exceeding 120 Kilo-liter for a nominal 20 mm rain. Recharge wells are dug along the contour to tap the runoff and recharge the aquifer.

This is a generic filter design for Rooftop Rainwater Harvesting Projects. The sizing is done depending on the Catchment area and intensity of rainfall. A first rain separator and a sedimentation tank must precede this filter.

Over the last three weeks , we installed and commissioned three Rooftop solar systems , each of a different topology at three different building rooftops at Ramakrishna Yogashrama near Bangalore . The system consists of 1. A Hybrid system with net

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